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IObit AMC Security PRO
IObit AMC Security PRO


Product Code: 4630439

Special PROMO for IObit AMC Security PRO: get a 35% discount. 1 mobile / 12 Months. Valid until 10th June.

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Over 10 million users! Over 88% happy users that are willing recommend it to family and friends!

How does it do it? Take a quick look to some of its key features:
  • Protects you from any mobile threat, including fake hot spots and phishing sites. In real time!
  • Once you use it, forget about mobile payment fraud. Be safe while mobile paying for your favourite things.
  • Improves your mobile experience up to 200%. No more redundant background tasks, applications, cache, games with lag. Feel like using a phone that is so fast, you will think it's a new one.
  • Hides any data you want from curious eyes. So good that even your phone system will not recognize it: SMS or call logs, contacts, pictures, videos
  • Free version on Google Play - only basic features