The Name
The name of the site is inspired from the classic dance tune 'Video Killed The Radio Star" played by The Buggles. I think it illustrates perfectly the technology era that we live in.
If you do not know the song or just want to remember it, just check it out here.

The Products
The only things that remain with us through our journey on Earth are our memories. Still, time goes by and this is not always in our favour. The memories become fade or sometimes memory plays with them and changes shapes, colours, dates and events.

This site comes in your help. You can find here all types of audio, video and design software, all designed to keep your memories as alive as possible. So when time passes, you do not have to contradict yourself or your friends when discussing about the season you won your first school football championship or the dress colour of your wife on your very first date.

Moreover, you can also find here all types of software that help you improve your memories, such as turning a series of photos in a movie, changing certain details in a photo that you do not like, writing your favourite movie or tune in perfect formats for you to watch or listen any time. The software you find here can help you convert, edit, transfer, rip, clone, split, merge and copy any video or audio file.

The Discounts
Budget is always important and we make sure you manage it well. So here you can always find discounted prices to the products in Best Buy category. Every week, different products, different discounts. So make sure you join our mailing list and you can receive our newsletters that will keep you permanently updated, with DISCOUNTS and MORE...

Enjoy your shopping! :)

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